…6. Maple Pot de Crème & Banana Macaron (pg. 247, 276).

Pot de Crème, a light but very rich custard, is delicious, though I prefer crème brulée, likely because I like to burn things and I like the taste of burned things.

I wanted to dig up some great info on Pot de Crèmes because I have very little of interest to say in this post, but I didn’t find anything exciting.  Aside from the existence of, which I thought was one of those trick search engine sites, but amazingly it is real.

Maple Pot de Crème (pg. 247)

125g Cream

145g Milk

108g Maple Syrup

68g Yolks

Pinch of Salt

I admit I couldn’t bring myself to make it entirely with cream, as the recipe goes, nor was I able to track down maple sugar, so I added milk and used maple syrup.  At least I didn’t lower myself to using Aunt Jemima.

You can either whisk the ingredients cold or heat them as though you are cooking a crème anglaise.  I prefer the latter as they will set faster in the oven and you won’t shock the ingredients by putting them in a pan of hot water in a hot oven.  Sometimes the pastry product should be shocked (as when you take a hot cake out of the pan and transfer it to the freezer to keep it moist), but it’s best to not shock custards.  They are too delicate.  Either way, always strain your custards before cooking.

These took over an hour.  Close to 1.5 hours actually.  Two reasons: no convection (you foil me almost every time, stove!) and this was the only way I could get them in enough water because of how small and silly my oven is:

 So pathetic.

Banana Macaron

Migoya takes a moment in his book to address the issue of organic products and quality.  He very clearly states that not all that is organic is necessarily better.  This is a fact I have been confronted with every time I buy organic bananas, but like women who have spawned and do so more then once, I never remember the organic banana experience as really being that bad, so I frequently do it over and over.

It was, in fact, that bad.  Maybe more so.

Migoya suggests cooking a banana butter to fill the macarons, which sounds like a delightful alternative to adding banana liquor to buttercream.  Banana. Butter. Cinnamon. Pot. Cook until soft.  Piece of cake.

Um..What. Is. Happening?           AH!                                             Ew.

I blame you, Organic Bananas. Taste is good… texture… could be better.

To save this disaster, I whip up a batch of ganache (pg.211) and pipe it around the disgusting banana mash.  I dusted it with cocoa instead of poppy seeds.  I don’t care for poppy seeds.

The Pot de Crème was delicious.  The suggestion to top it with maple syrup made it look very nice, but eating it reminded me of digging in to set yogurt without pouring off the separated liquid, which I don’t care for.  The Macaron was salvaged by the ganache.  I’ll try the banana butter again eventually.


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