Folks, these are your children, therefore our future is dire…

This is a plate of profiteroles.


How shiny and lovely they are.


I asked Commis to please make more chocolate sauce.


Commis makes this:

I leave Commis a note asking “Please fix the chocolate sauce over a bain marie”


Commis takes a Sharpie and crosses out this request, but continues to do everything else on his handover (things to do) and NOT cross out anything else.


I say to Commis, “So, the way you made that chocolate sauce, you know why that happened, right?”


Blank look, “What do you mean?”




“The chocolate sauce. It was lumpy. Because the chocolate wasn’t melted properly. I assume because of the batch size, you poured two smaller batches over the chocolate for the whole batch and it didn’t fully incorporate.”


“I just made one batch. It was fine.”


“No, it was lumpy.”


Blank look.

I write on my list of things to do: THROW OUT ALL CHOCOLATE SAUCE.

Write on Commis list: Make new chocolate sauce.

Wonder how long he’s going to spend bitching about how I’m a cunt.

Broken equipment, broken Commis (plural), broken spirits….

Fuck this shit, I’ve already got a new job. Now I just hafta give my notice.


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