Notes from an unheated room above an Italian restaurant in a town barely charted on Google Maps.

1. When one does not own a car or a television or a raincoat, a good deal of time is allocated to reading.

2. No amount of imagination can turn Original Curry Style Pot Noodles into what is desired after four hours of reading Momofuku.

3. There are still places that have bus service only once a week.

4. I understand the tide in theory, but have yet to grasp how one reasonably plans their day around it, hence why I still haven’t taken a ride on the SeaTractor.

5. Drinking is starting to seems like a reasonable pastime.

6. Those who insist choice be an economic necessity have not been marooned in Devon with only one store.

7. It is amazing how much money one can spend at said store every day and still have nothing to show for it.

8. Devon’s way of dealing with snow was to dig out the roads. I’ve been told it doesn’t really snow here.

9. Having never owned a dog their nature has always confused me, however I can now say that I understand them to a certain degree: car rides are sheer delight.

10. It’s never been so easy to get to bed by 11pm.

11. I think the fact that the entire South of England hasn’t been devoured by a giant mould spore is proof of a higher power.

12. A surprising number of houses still have thatched roofs, considering only three thatchers remain in the whole of England. 

13. When one plays darts and a shot ends up in a wooden cross beam in the ceiling, perhaps one requires more practice or more likely the pub is too old (it seems in the 1200s, 6ft ceilings made sense).

14.“Proper” cider is skunky and gross.

15. Garbage is dealt with…differently.

16. 200 year old windows are painted shut for a reason.

17. In the country, what is deemed “excellent cuisine” varies significantly from that in the big city.

18. Despite being careful and hardly venturing anywhere, mud manages to make it onto most things.

19. Pricing can vary. No one seems to care.


20. People are much nicer here than in the big city.


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