It has been my intention every day for the last two months to write a new post. I’ve cut my hours down from 80 to 60, but I’ve turned most of my out-of-work attention towards regaining my physical strength and endurance from the years before culinary school.

Apparently, twenty fewer hours of work but an additional 6 or 7 at the gym is more exhausting. Good to know.


The Chinooks have been few and far between since xmas, as though they were all used up in November and December, so winter of recent months have been more in line with what the rest of the country endures. Despite trying to hibernate, the Canadian and I drove up to Jasper at the end of February.

I was under the impression that Jasper was like Banff.


Banff is small but bustling, bursting with tourists and outdoor adventurers. The buildings are terribly Western Canada (like the YYC airport), cutesy but I like it.

I knew it was small, but so is Canmore. Canmore is quite nice too.


I hadn’t realized it would take 7 hours to drive to Jasper.

3.5 hours on ice roads.



Good thing our tires are all season?


Looking through my photos I realize I only took one in Jasper, the tanker train, probably because it was just so exciting I forgot to keep a digital record.

The journey took up much of our two days, so Jasper was a mediocre meal and watching a Jonestown documentary fireside.

Work has been same-old, in the way restaurants are generally exciting for some reason or another. Every day brings the unexpected.

Recently, I’ve fielded several special requests. I don’t mind doing special things given advance warning. It isn’t my style to make requests to restaurants but I understand why people do it and considering the reason why I do what I do is to give people a memorable experience, I am genuinely delighted to do it.


This is a princess cake. I made it for a woman who had wanted her friend to have a… girlie dessert for his birthday. I filled the almond cake with strawberry cream and black tea posset. They cancelled. Well that’s okay, I’d always wanted to make a princess cake.


The request “draw a funny cat picture” was easy to fulfill. I didn’t know I could still draw so well.

This week I was asked to make a “Bolero Tres Leche Cake”

Silly me, I thought this was a cake from a place. Like a Tarta de Santiago (which I really wish I could serve but I don’t think anyone would order it).

No. It’s a mexican cake. From a restaurant. Like in the south-east. WTF.


Here’s a photo from Yelp. I did not ask permission.

You probably understand why at this point I’m… Hesitant.

I like challenges. So I make the cake.

Tres Leche means three milks. It’s a sponge cake, I used Alton Brown’s, and pour evaporated milk, condensed milk, and half&half over it and leave it to soak overnight. It is usually finished with whipped cream or meringue.


This… This is not my kind of thing. Monochromatic with lots of sugar and milk. I’m not a big fan of milk myself, so I really didn’t understand this dessert at all.


At the last minute I bruleed the top, I was willing to try the monochromatic look, but I just needed some contrast. I served it with white balsamic ice cream, malted milk meringue, tonka bean cream, and crispy milk bubbles.

I heard they liked it, but it won’t be going on the menu anytime soon.



2 thoughts on “Fitterhappiermoreproductive

  1. Now that we have connected and I discovered your blog, I do hope you find the time and energy to post more often. I love what you write: touching, funny, slightly irreverent, human and real. And beautiful desserts! I shared the link on my Life’s a Feast Facebook page.

    • Hi Jamie! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy my writing. Thankfully you too have the energy to post regularly, as I love the poetic rhythm of your writing, even if I end up reading it in spurts while hiding in the toilet at work. Hope you’re not offended, it’s the only chance I get 😀

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