IMG_4433I bake.  I whisk. I sift (but only when whisking won’t do). I fold.  I homogenize.  I churn. I caramelize. I taste. I make it better.  I do this for a living. I do this at home.  I read about doing these things.  I write about them.  I would think I had a problem, but the internet allows me access to the millions of people who have the same problem: the compulsion to create the perfect treat, be it pudding or a champagne bavaroise.

University was boring, it involved so much sitting and listening and reading, and I liked standing, walking, talking, and singing to music, so I graduated and worked in a café like a lot of people do.  I was trying to get my act together, get a government job so I could have some security, save some money, and then I could go to culinary school later, when I was an adult.  I started poking around the websites, trying to see which ones had good potential for me ten years in the future, and it dawned on me that not only should I go to culinary school now instead of later, there was a well known school a fifteen minute walk from my apartment.

I went to school.  I studied hard. I worked two resto jobs and only ate cake. I did well.  I was scared but proud of my achievements.  I was hired by the school to work in the fancy French “bistro” and did the restaurant thing for nine months.  When I became good at that job (and needed a break from the stress), I found a different job in a stress-free environment filled with women (and some men) who work hard and love food.  I was very lucky to work a 9-6 Monday to Friday job in this industry, despite missing the hectic resto life.  So instead, I began to challenge myself in my free time.  I was scared I would lose my training so I decided to make everything in Francisco Migoya’s The Modern Café.

But after making 75 recipes, I had to abandon the original project when I moved across the ocean to the Centre of the World (London Town). After working in a huge hotel under a celebrity chef, then worked the first opening of a hotel in London in 20 years, I ran away with a Canadian who stole my heart, to the edge of the country to live in the middle of nowhere.  After opening another resto (same celebrity), I ran back to Canada to live in Oil Country for a bit.

The Canadian and I are in the Prairies. For now.



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